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Dear Colleagues of XCMG Worldwide,


As we bid farewell to the Year of the Rabbit and usher in the Year of the Dragon, I extend my heartfelt greetings to each and every one of you on behalf of XCMG Group and XCMG Machinery. Allow me to convey my warmest wishes to leaders at all levels and friends from various spheres who have consistently shown care and support for XCMG's progress.


With gratitude in our hearts, we forge ahead, leading the industry. This year, we've embraced our greatest responsibilities, ascended the ladder of construction engineering with courage, creativity, and the spirit of determination.


Consequently, we've triumphed in the swift journey of reform and transformation, affirming the essential truth that high-quality development is realized through diligent effort.



As we bid farewell to the old year and embrace the new, I'll share three key words to usher in the year ahead with you.


With our unwavering commitment to construction engineering, we persist in advancing in this new era of technological revolution and industrial transformation. Amidst the cyclical adjustments of the industry, we encounter opportunities for "five transformations" (Green, Intelligent, High-end, Service-oriented, and Internationalization)。 We must seize these opportunities, persevere despite challenges, and adapt to the circumstances. Let's set the pace, solidify our position as a model, and lead the charge towards progress.


In 2024, XCMG embarks on a journey of change and transformation. United hand in hand, all XCMG workers strive to solidify the positive momentum and diligently pursue tangible results. We aim to enhance everyone's ideological understanding and maximize the effectiveness of our efforts. We are committed to building a world-class enterprise, scaling the peak of the industry excellence, and crafting a brand-new chapter in construction engineering for a shared brighter future!


Sharing dreams with craftsmanship, everyone shines! Whether it's embarking on overseas expeditions anytime, providing wholehearted service in deserts and snow-covered mountains, or participating in urgent earthquake relief and late-night rescue efforts. It's the dedication and innovation of our hardworking staff that I hold dear. Team XCMG are exceptional, making XCMG truly remarkable.


At this moment of family reunion, amidst farewells to the old and welcomes to the new year, our comrades remain steadfast on the frontlines both at home and abroad. With your youth and vigor, you contribute wisdom and strength to global construction and civilization development, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. Your hard work is truly commendable, and here my deep respect to all of you!


Again, I extend heartfelt wishes for a joyous Chinese New Year to all our colleagues. May blessings warm every season, bringing good health and prosperity. May the Year of the Dragon soar with auspiciousness, heralding a bright future filled with abundance and happiness!


2024年2月9日 除夕

Yang Dongsheng , Chairman of XCMG